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Opportunity Awaits...

For more leasing information or to schedule a tour of The Victorian Village, please call:  (417) 209-2990



Ownership Pride


We are local owners who take pride in our properties.  Our goal is to have a variety of unique shops and businesses.  We strive to have clean restrooms and immaculate common areas for you and your customers. Your success is our success!


Painting the Wall

Constant Improvement


Look forward to vibrant landscaping adding to the quaint garden atmosphere that encourages customers to take their time, relax, and enjoy their shopping experience at The Victorian Village! Not only do we keep up our grounds pristine, but we also decorate our lobbies with each new season. We take maintenance as seriously as our appearance!


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Better Accessibility


We offer a large parking lot with store front parking.  We have large signage space available with a great street view from Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.  We provide the landscape maintenance and also the maintenance of the sidewalks and exterior lighting.

​We also provide social media shoutouts and business spotlights to drive traffic to our wonderful tenants.


Business Directory

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Business Directory
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